The Preakness Stakes, one of the most exciting horse races in the world, draws some of the best horses, jockeys, and trainers from all over the world. The Triple Crown, which also featured the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes in 1932, has this race as its second leg. and it takes place every year at Baltimore, Maryland’s Pimlico Race Track. 


The contest is named after the Colt Preakness, who prevailed in the Pimlico Dinner Party Stakes in 1870. The Preakness Stakes was originally run in 1873, and every year after that, with the exception of 1891 and 1892, it has been held. The date of the race was changed from the third Monday in May to the third Saturday in May from its original date. 

Some of the finest horses in history have won the Preakness Stakes over the years, including Secretariat, Affirmed, and American Pharoah. The Preakness Stakes has been known as one of the most significant horse races in the world and a must-attend occasion for followers of horse racing thanks to these and numerous other horses.

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The Race

The Preakness Stakes is a Grade 1 stakes event field on a dirt track over a distance of 1 3/16 miles for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. The race’s renowned sharp curves present both the horses and jockeys with a challenge. One of the most lucrative competitions in the sport, the purse for the 2021 event was $1.5 million.

The race starts when the horses enter the starting gate. When they circle the course, the horses compete for positioning and the right to follow the leaders. The jockeys start to maneuver as the horses near the finishing turn in an effort to set up their mounts for a powerful finish.

The horses speed toward the finish line during the race’s final stretch as the crowd encourages them. The winner is honored with a black-eyed Susan blanket and a trophy, and the race can be won by a nose or by several lengths.

The winner of the Kentucky Derby is the favorite to win, and the race normally draws a field of 8 to 14 horses. Yet, there have been some surprises in the race’s past, with horses winning that weren’t expected to. War of Will, who was hampered in the Kentucky Derby, won the Preakness Stakes in 2019, making history as the only horse to compete in and finish second in the Kentucky Derby.

Although it is a challenging thing to accomplish, the Preakness Stakes winner is sometimes heralded as a potential Triple Crown contender. Only 13 horses have ever captured the Triple Crown.

Winning the Triple Crown is regarded as a true testimonial to the talent and prowess of the horse and its team, and it is one of the most prized accomplishments in the sport of horse racing.

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The Preakness Stakes is renowned for its joyous atmosphere, with supporters donning costumes and taking part in the festivities on race day. This event also has many beautiful and interesting traditions. 

  • “Maryland, My Maryland” is a classic ballad connected to the Preakness Races. James Ryder Randall composed the song in 1861 as a cry to battle for the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. As a tribute to the history and culture of the state, the song is now frequently played during the Preakness Races and is regarded as the state song of Maryland. The melody of the song is based on the German folk song “O Tannenbaum,” and the first line of the song is “The despot’s heel is on thy coast.” Despite the song’s contentious past, it continues to play a significant role in the Preakness Stakes tradition.
  •  The Black-Eyed Susan, the race’s signature beverage named after the state flower of Maryland, is also well-known. Vodka, St. Germain, lime juice, and pineapple juice are the essential ingredients in this cocktail, which is typically served in a souvenir glass.
  • Before the race, the horses are brought around the track in a post-parade so that the spectators may have a good look at them. The starting gate, a mechanical device that holds the horses in position until the race starts, is then loaded with the horses.

Preakness Stakes stadium

The Future

The Preakness Stakes’ future appears promising in light of the expanding global appeal of horse racing. Horse racing has been a popular sport for centuries and continues to gain new followers every year. The Preakness Stakes will continue to be a significant event in the world of horse racing as long as there is a passion for horse racing and the thrill that comes with it.

The Preakness Stakes has recently undergone modernization as well, utilizing innovative technology to enhance the experience for spectators and competitors. For instance, the Pimlico Race Course, one of the most technologically equipped horse racing grounds in the world, has been upgraded with new facilities and contemporary amenities.


The Preakness Stakes is a horse racing event with a long history and a rich tradition, but it is also continuously developing and adapting to the horse racing industry as a whole. Whether someone is a fan of horse racing, a participant in the sport, or simply seeking a fun and exciting day out, The Preakness Stakes is a spectacle that should not be missed. 


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