One of the most renowned horse racing competitions in the world, the Belmont Stakes is held every year at the Belmont Park racetrack in Elmont, New York. This event is the third and final race in the Triple Crown series, attracting the top horses and jockeys from across the world who are all competing for the opportunity to be proclaimed as champion. This event is an occasion that captivates the hearts and imaginations of horse racing lovers and casual viewers alike due to its long and illustrious history, unique race distance, and a variety of classic traditions. 


The inaugural Belmont Stakes race was contested at Jerome Park in the Bronx in 1867. Leonard Jerome, a well-known financier, and equestrian lover founded the competition. The event was then known as the “Belmont Stakes” in honor of August Belmont Sr., a well-known businessman and horse breeder who contributed to the funding of Jerome Park’s development.

In 1905, the race was moved to the Belmont Park racetrack, where it is now held. The Belmont Stakes, drawing elite horses and jockeys from all over the world, has developed over time into one of the most prestigious horse racing competitions in the world.

secretariat horse

The year 1973 was one of the most significant events in the race’s history when Secretariat won Belmont Stakes and became the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 25 years. The event became one of the most significant races in the sport as a result of the Secretariat’s record-breaking victory, which still holds today.

American Pharoah’s victory in 2015, which ended a 37-year Triple Crown drought, and Rags to Riches’ victory in 2007 made her the first filly to win the race in more than a century, are two other significant occasions in Belmont Stakes history.

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The Race

After the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, a 1.5-mile (12-furlong) event for three-year-old Thoroughbreds, serves as the third and concluding race in the Triple Crown series. Every year, the event is conducted at Elmont, New York’s Belmont Park racetrack on the first or second Saturday in June.

The Belmont Stakes is the longest of the other Triple Crown races, making its distance distinct from those of the other two. For horses to succeed over this distance, they must possess both speed and stamina, and many view the race as one of the most difficult assessments of a young Thoroughbred’s competence. 

This event now has a $1.5 million purse, with the winner taking home the majority of the cash. The race also includes a variety of extra prizes and honors, including the Woodlawn Vase and the August Belmont Trophy, which are given to the winning jockey and owner, respectively.

Some of the most famous moments in horse racing history have occurred on the Belmont Stakes course, which is renowned for hosting thrilling and contested races. The race has produced numerous memorable performances and remarkable moments over the years, from Secretariat’s record-breaking victory in 1973 to American Pharoah’s historic Triple Crown victory in 2015.

The Tradition 

The Belmont Stakes is steeped in history, and it features a number of well-known customs and rituals that have grown to be an essential part of the occasion. The following are some of the most notable customs related to the race:

The Award:  The Belmont Stakes trophy is among the most distinctive and recognizable in all sports. It is a substantial silver bowl that stands over two feet tall, weighs over 30 pounds, and is known as the August Belmont Trophy.

The Carnation Blanket: The Blanket of Carnations is one of the Belmont Stakes’ most aesthetically spectacular customs. An iconic representation of the race is the winning horse being covered in a blanket of white carnations.

The Call to Post: The “Call to Post” is a brief melody that is played by a bugler prior to each race to direct the horses and jockeys to the starting gate.

The Post Parade: It is a pre-race ritual in which the horses are paraded around the track before each race. With the crowd cheering them on, the horses are led around the track by their handlers while the riders are dressed in their vibrant silks.

The Song: Singing “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra has become a feature of the Belmont Stakes and is another cherished tradition connected to the race.

The Participants 

The top horses and jockeys all over the world come to compete at the prestigious Belmont Stakes in horse racing. Only Three-year-old Thoroughbred horses are eligible for the race, and a total of 16 horses may participate. 

Belmont Stakes competitors are selected based on a variety of criteria, including their success in prior Triple Crown contests, their overall record, and their capacity for handling the race’s unique 1.5-mile course. Horses must fulfill specific eligibility conditions and have earned enough money in prior races to be regarded as competitive in order to be eligible for the Belmont Stakes.

Secretariat, Affirmed, Seattle Slew, and American Pharoah are some of the most successful and notable horses in Belmont Stakes history. Tonalist, Creation, and Sir Winston were some of the other successful horses in recent years.

Several of the best jockeys in the world compete in the Belmont Stakes, which is vital to the success of its competitors. Eddie Arcaro, who set a record by winning the Belmont Stakes six times, and Bill Shoemaker, who took first place four times each, are two of the most successful jockeys in the race’s history.

The Venue 

The Belmont Stakes are held at the racetrack at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, a borough of New York City. The one-and-a-half-mile dirt oval on the track is the longest in all of North America. The Belmont Stakes race has a special distance that sets it apart from the other two Triple Crown races. At 1.5 miles, it is the longest of the three races.

Belmont Park is one of the biggest horse racing venues in the world, with a capacity of over 100,000 people. The park offers visitors a variety of opulent suites, exclusive boxes, and VIP spaces in addition to the main grandstand.

crowd of belmont stakes

The Crowd 

One of the most thrilling parts of the Belmont Stakes is always the crowd. People from all over the world come to watch the race and take in the special aura of the occasion. The crowd for the Belmont Stakes is always interesting and diverse, with a mix of politicians, celebrities, and horse racing fanatics.

The Belmont Stakes crowd’s attire is among its most recognizable features. The occasion is renowned for its high style and the custom of donning ostentatious hats and attire. Attendees spend weeks or even months organizing their clothes for the event since the fashion at Belmont Stakes is almost as popular as the horse racing itself.


Following the Belmont Stakes, there is always a festive atmosphere. The winning horse, jockey, and team celebrate their victory as the result of weeks, perhaps even months, of arduous effort and commitment. The winning horse often receives a barrage of compliments, while the jockey and trainer are lauded for their expertise.

 The winning horse may continue to compete in subsequent high-profile races or retire to a life of leisure on a stud farm in the days and weeks that follow the race.

Following the Belmont Stakes, supporters, and spectators frequently reflect on the event and engage in conversation. The Belmont Stakes, the last race of the Triple Crown, marks the conclusion of a protracted and thrilling racing season. The race may be discussed in detail by spectators, who may also relive significant moments and debate the relative qualities of the competing horses and jockeys. Also, many spectators take advantage of the occasion to express their enthusiasm for horse racing and to make new friends.


The Belmont Stakes is genuinely a legendary occasion that perfectly encapsulates the passion and fervor of horse racing. The race has established itself as a staple in the athletic world, drawing spectators and competitors from all over the world thanks to its lengthy history, distinctive customs, and great horses and jockeys. Whether a person is a casual follower of horse racing or a devoted enthusiast, it is a not to be missed event. From the roar to the sound of hooves on the track Belmont Stakes is a genuinely memorable experience that will leave anyone breathless and inspired.

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